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Light and Love be with you!

A Peom: Tick Tock

Love the ones you love,

Miss the ones you miss.

Never take in stride,

Never just dismiss.

The one that stood beside you,

When you were feeling low.

Don’t try to turn back time,

After you already let go.

Take the time to hug them,

Maybe share a chat,

One thing is true,

Time can take away all of that.

Don’t listen to the ticking,

Cherish every touch

When the time is ending,

Tell them you love them so much.

-Rebekah Honeycutt 6/28/12


Beauty and Self Esteem

My grandmother was an incredible lady that I cherished very much. She would always have words of wisdom to shove down my throat when I was doing something I shouldn’t. The one thing I remember the most is her telling me, “Beauty is only skin deep,” with a disapproving face. Of course this was a regular conversation around the house in my pre-teen and teenage years.

Over the years, I have repeated these words in my head, thinking I knew exactly what they meant. In all reality, I knew what she told me they meant to her. To her, it meant that you may be beautiful on the outside, but there is more work to do to recreate that beauty on the inside. I respect her belief; it makes a lot of sense. The problem is her belief doesn’t truly follow the words in this part of the quote.

I was looking up this quote today, and found the rest of it. “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes straight to the bone.” Now, her description makes more sense. My grandmother would tell me I was being ugly when I was doing something unfavorable, or when she was disappointed in something I had said. With this quote- it makes perfect sense why she thought that.

The problem I have with this quote is that it can hurt someone’s self-esteem, especially in those pre-teen and teen years. I have met so many beautiful people in my life, and none of which I have judged only on outward appearance. Self-Esteem is something that has to be built from within, so isn’t beauty only within?

I have always had issues with my self-esteem. At times, I could look in the mirror, and feel ugly both outside and in. Other times, I could look at the same person and find all of the qualities I love about myself. Since I have become older, I try to only look at those qualities. These are the things that make me unique, that make me love myself. They are not only physical attributes, they are the things I know about myself.

Yes, I have become larger than I was in High School, but I’m happier then I was in High School. Yes, I try to relax more because running around all the time is a waste of my life. Now, I stop on the side of the road to look at the scenery. I take the extra time to stretch when I wake up. I stop everything I am doing to clean the house, and sit with my son and watch a cartoon. I attack my son with love and hugs and get into the fight about who loves who more.

I may not have the most beautiful inside or outside that can be found in this world, but to me, I am more beautiful than I have ever been. By trying to be a good person in general, giving to others freely, extending a helping hand, smiling when I pass someone, and loving everyone I meet, I am the person that I want to be. My self-esteem is higher, my insides are gorgeous, and my outward appearance has a smile. This gives me the right to say I am beautiful.

I know self-esteem can be a large and constant battle within you. Think about it as beauty only resides inside of you, can you say that you are beautiful? Do you feel that you are beautiful? What would make you feel the beauty that you possess?

Take that quote we discussed and change it. Beauty is not only skin deep, Beauty is only within you. I think my grandmother would agree with that statement. What are your thoughts on this?

She had beauty inside and out!


Living Memoirs

Here is a special project for those of you who are willing to:

I was driving around one night and had this idea, I call it… “Living Memoirs”.

I believe that we have gotten so caught up in our society; we don’t take time to talk about the important things. We are so busy with our everyday lives; we let others slip away not knowing how extraordinary they are. In our society, we wait until an incredible person has left this world to show them how much they mean to us. The goal here is to not let this occur.

Maybe this person talked to you when no one else would. Maybe they gave you advice because they had faced something similar. Maybe they saw that you were upset, and gave you that hug that you needed so badly.

Everyone has a bad day at some point. The person on your mind right now could be in desperate need of something uplifting. I have heard so many people talk about how they wish they could have said one more thing to the person they cherished.

The “Living Memoir” is a way to surpass our everyday society; a way to show others that they do mean something to someone. Let this person understand how they have affected you, before they are no longer able to hear it.

Choose a few people that mean something special to you. Take a couple minutes to write them, in your own handwriting, to show your appreciation and sincerity. Writing to another person has become a way of the past, but for me it is one of the most special gifts I can receive.

If for some reason, you do not have their address, then the secondary response would be to e-mail, etc.

Don’t let these people who have helped you, guided you, cared for you, shown you respect, or taught you a special lesson leave this world, and not know how they are perceived in your eyes.

Please, take the time to inform this person, individually, about how much they truly mean to you.

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The Invisible Cup

Honestly, I have no idea where this theory came from. I’m not sure if I heard it somewhere, or if I created it out of my wonderful imagination. I felt like I needed to share this, The Theory of The Invisible Cup.

I believe that each person walks around with an invisible cup in front of their chest. The purpose of this cup is to hold optimistic thoughts, feelings and your self-esteem. When you wake up in the morning you hopefully have a full cup from getting rested.

When you walk up to a person, and give them a compliment, or say a friendly hello, you take some of the optimism from your cup, and place it into theirs. When they compliment you in return or just kindly accept your words, they return some of your optimism back.

As your day continues, each optimistic thing you say or do is taken out, and each optimistic thing the people around you say or do, is returned to you.

Now, let’s say you walk up to a friend, and you say “Hello Beautiful!” They counter with a miserable, “Well, I don’t feel very beautiful today.” This results in them taking from your cup and placing into theirs, but none is being returned to you.

When you go through a day with so many pessimistic remarks and actions, your cup continues to empty until you have nothing left. Your self-esteem becomes lower, your emotions become negative, and you are overall having a bad day.

In my past, I was very harmful for not taking compliments well when they were given. I would hear the compliment, say something like, “Yeah right”, or attempt to change the subject. I didn’t realize I was taking away from another person. I was assisting in emptying their cup.

I have always wanted to help others, even in the smallest ways, so when I realized this, I was crushed. I don’t want to be responsible for taking away such a special gift that is so easily given.

Now, I wave and say hello with a smile to almost every person I pass. I open doors for the people behind me, I pick up things that others have dropped and return it to them with a smile. I see someone sitting alone, and make sure they see at least one smile that day. I make small talk with the ladies and gentlemen at the gas stations I frequent.

There is no way I can tell how full or how empty someone else’s invisible cup is. So, I act like everyone’s is empty and I try my best to give them something to fill it with.

I have to say that of course, I do have bad days. Many people I know don’t believe me when I say this. So in light of this, I understand that you may be grinning from ear to ear when I see you, but I don’t know what you do after I leave. Maybe you break down and cry because of the day you’ve had, maybe you are truly having a good day. As an outsider, I can’t tell. So, I have to do my best to add some optimism to your day.

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Relationships and Life

I decided I wanted to write about relationships today. Here is what I believe, and I’d love to hear others thoughts:

Overall, I believe that everything happens for a reason. I think that people come into our lives to teach us more about ourselves.

Thinking back to my first “puppy love” reminds me of a time when I thought Checkers’ french fries, Mortal Kombat, and riding bikes with friends was the most important things in the world.

I have definitely evolved from those thoughts. Then I remember my first relationship where I was presented with my first kiss. This was the time in life where boys made the world go around.

Then I graduated to High School, and realized boys had also evolved into something, shall we say, less charming, and more direct in what they wanted from a girl. I honestly wasn’t all that interested in giving them that one.

During High School, I met my husband to be. I decided marriage 6 days after graduation from HS was the best idea ever. He made me feel alive, and I thought I was ready to be an adult. Seventeen year olds getting married are a common occurrence, and having children was the next step.

Nothing in school prepares you for the real world. Nothing anyone can say prepares you for the trials you will have to make it through. The only thing that prepares you is yourself. You can decide that ‘this is too tough for me, I give up’. You can decide that ‘this is the worst time in my life so far, but I’m looking for the rainbow at the end of the rain.’ Your life is based on your decisions.

We created life from love, and when this happened, my world changed tremendously. I didn’t care about what I was wearing, or how the outside world perceived me anymore. I only cared what those sleepy blue eyes saw in me. This was the beginning of looking at life through different eyes.

Life continued on to result in divorce. Two young people that loved each other completely had changed to two slightly older young people, who had grown apart. It was a very difficult time for all involved and finally resulted in a deal to get along.

Now, I have to say that my marriage taught me the most about myself thus far. Living with someone day in and day out, that you are the complete opposite of, tends to teach you a few things.

My life has since then, revolved around toys, schools, cartoons, books, and lullabies. Being a single independent mother is extremely hard. I began respecting my mother for her status as the same.

Each person that I have dated since my divorce has taught me something further about what I can handle in a relationship, and what I can’t. I know I can’t handle someone mis-treating my child, I know that I deserve better than someone who doesn’t give emotional support. I realized that I love coming home to a hug and a kiss. I realized that people aren’t always who they say they are. More importantly, I began to figure out who I wanted to be, and who I wanted my son to see me become.

Each person that has come into my life is very special to me. Yes, some may have hurt me, shattered my dreams, made me feel insignificant, but I made it through those things. I met others who gave me hope, shared my life goals, made me feel spectacular about the person that I am. Without the negatives, how would you know what the positives are?

Looking back at those days when jumping off a flag to enter a castle was the triumphant moment in my life to the day my son clapped the loudest for me getting on the dean’s list in college; I know a lot about me has changed. I also know there is a lot of change to come. The people I have met and will meet will continue to show me things I have never thought about, to hear stories I never thought were possible, and to show me that some dreams do come true.

Yes, heartbreak happens, and it sucks. Try to the find the positives in those negative events. Look deep into yourself and see what has changed within you. When you find them, decide if that is a change you want to keep, or if it can be a learning tool for who you want to become.  Surround yourself with people you respect, people you would like to be similar to.

Try your best to let go of all the pain, anger, and despair that others have made you feel.

Love yourself because until you know and love the person you are, how can anyone else?


Small Excerpt…

A small excerpt to explain my tattoo:

I felt something burning on my right wrist. I turned my arms over to look at what was causing the pain. I watched in disbelief as a blue ink began emerging from my pores.
Four thick sapphire swirls were rotating leisurely counter clockwise on my wrist. In the center, a golden oval appeared. The oval began spinning to the right faster and faster until the gold spread outward and the center was clear. It was spinning so fiercely that it seemed to be outlined with black. I was marked, but this was no ordinary tattoo…

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Newly released books


So excited! Newly released books have arrived! I love these authors!

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New Tattoo! A reality!

A tattoo that marks Kyelena’s Right Wrist in the book! The star in the center circles 1 million miles per hour and is 10x brighter than the sun! Thank you to Brandon at Across The Skin Tattoo in Asheville for making my vision become a reality!

Priestess has been marked.

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Magical Kisses

My son and me sharing magical kisses that only a parent can fully understand. I am so proud of my son’s accomplishments. He is the most wonderful little man in the world!

Magical Kisses

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Peer Review

I have all different ages from 8 to 60 reviewing my book. All of the reviews have come back with positive input. Thank you all sincerely for your time, support, and assistance! It means the world to me! 

Working on the end of Sapphire Eyes now! Can’t wait to share the finished novel! 🙂

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