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A Poem: The Four Senses and Silence

Visual beauties are found through the eyes,

Like the clouds dancing in the skies.

Textural wonders are found through touch,

Like getting a massage that I love so much.

Exotic aromas are found through smells,

Like an apple pie that the bakery sells.

Sweet pleasures are found through taste,

Like cupcakes that expand the waist.

Whimsical melodies are found through hearing,


What if you live in the world of silence?

You can’t hear the music’s brilliance.

How can you describe what you don’t hear,

I can tell you now, without fear.

Whimsical melodies are found through touch,

Like waves crashing down into my clutch.

Just because you cannot hear,

Doesn’t mean you let the world disappear.

The sound of silence is controlled,

By the other four senses, such a sight to behold.

-Rebekah 09/06/12

I made this in 5 minutes for a contest today. The title of the competition is: The Sound of Silence. Hope you enjoy.

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A Thought: Parenting, Time and Tears

I’m writing today for more of a benefit to myself,

to rearrange the thoughts that are tormenting my mind today.

With going back to school and actually having to attend the classroom setting, more time is being taking away from my son, especially now that summer is over and he is also in school.

I’m trying my best to rearrange my schedule so that I can make the most of our time together. It’s very difficult with a split family schedule. Let me explain, his father and I have a weekly schedule. We swap him to the next parent on Fridays, unless I’m working that day, then it moves to Saturdays.

With me being in a college 1.5 hours away, I pick him up from his school and we hang out for about two hours on Monday and Wednesday of my week. I then take him to his Step-mother and his little brother and head off to class. I absolutely adore them both, so that doesn’t create an issue.

It’s the time available that is the issue at the moment. I wish I could spend every moment with him, even when he is driving me insane. *smiles*

When he is sleeping when I get home, there is a reassuring feeling that washes through my body. I can see him- I know that he is safe, and I feel less stress from that alone.

The last few weeks have been a crazy time for me, and I try not to let it dictate my life. Today, on the other hand, it came to a boil. The tears just keep falling and I can’t make them stop for very long.

I just talked with my son, who had a fantastic day at school, and who makes me laugh with such ease. Of course, I had to put on a happy voice, as we parents do, so that he didn’t get upset also. He is so full of life and love and just an amazing young man overall.

He is so lucky that has two families that love and adore him to no end. He is able to spend time with both parents, and that was a huge agreement made between his father and I upon separating. I can’t describe how grateful I am for that agreement.

There are so many children in the world that don’t have the ability to spend time with both parents often. I was one of those children growing up, and that is why it is so important to me for my son.

I apologize that this is not my normal way of writing, but I needed to vent. I know that what I am doing with college and work is exactly what I should be doing. Yes, it may take time away from my son here and there, and it may create tears to fall, but I am trying to make his life better overall. I’m doing the best that I can as a parent, an employee, a student, and an educator, and I am proud of every choice I make.

For all of the other single-parents out there that work so hard for your children, I applaud you. I stand behind you 100%. I know the daily stressors that attack; I know the feelings of anger and despair. I know what it’s like to fight against yourself to determine what is best for your children.

As long as we keep making time for our little ones, and taking the time to love them, to cherish them, to educate them, I think our path is an honorable one. It’s a tough path, no doubt about it, but an honorable one none-the-less.

Parents, Thank you for all that you do.


A Thought: Hate and Anger


I was thinking that Hate is a strong word.

I was wondering, can you really “Hate” someone?

After analyzing this many times over, I have come to a conclusion:

You have to love someone, truly love them, before you can hate them.

To be able to fully “hate” a person, you have to know who that person is deep down. You have to understand why they do the things they do, make the choices they make. Without understanding the complete person, would it really be called hate?

I can honestly say that I don’t hate anyone. There has never been a person that I have loved that I would want to hate. I may dislike some of their qualities/quirks, but to say that I hate them as a person would be wrong.

I can’t say that I hate someone I barely know for exactly that reason- I don’t know them. Just because someone has acted hateful towards me doesn’t mean that they are a terrible person and deserve to be hated. It probably means they were having a bad day, or that they just didn’t like something about my personality. That’s fine with me. Not everyone can like who I am, and they don’t have to.


Now, anger is a positive response that can be transformed into a very negative situation. Releasing the pent-up stress of daily life can be wonderful, it can be relaxing if it is done in a positive manner. Just be cautious with the decision of how you let the anger out.

Usually once a month, my son and I will be driving down the road. I will roll the windows down and we will scream at the top of our lungs, “I’m angry! I’m mad!” until we feel relaxed. I started this because he was having behavior issues where he wasn’t listening, he was difficult to talk to, and I couldn’t stand seeing him that way. I wanted him to have a way to release any stress that I couldn’t see or that he was hiding. At the time, my sister lived with us, and she and I started this together.

This stress reliever works wonders. After screaming a few times we always start laughing, and it makes my body relax all those tensions that have been eating away at me.

Anger and Hate Combined:

There has only been one person in my life that could push the “anger buttons” inside of me in 5 seconds flat. I’m not sure why he loved to do it, but none-the-less it happened. I would fly off the handle and become a bomb that had just exploded.

It wasn’t because I hated him that he could manage to do this; it was because I loved him with every part of my being.

The fact is that once you love some, you can’t just turn it off. It’s there forever, as a mark on your heart and soul. You may not want to be with that person any longer, or want to share your love with them, but it still exists. When you feel angry with them, you may want to scream, pull your hair out, punch them in the face, or write your fury in a journal, but anger doesn’t equal hate. Love doesn’t equal hate.

Does hate even exist or is it just a word with no obtainable definition?

The Point Is-

Hate is a powerful word that shouldn’t be used to mean “dislike”.

Love is more powerful than hate.

You can never truly hate anyone. Love is still there, whether you choose to show it or not.

Don’t show strong dislike for someone you don’t know just because of something they may have done.

Lastly, Enjoy releasing your anger in positive ways.

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