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Have you ever meet someone you just “clicked” with?

I find it fascinating when this happens.You can talk freely about anything and everything… Why is the earth round? Why can’t penguins fly?

Then there are other people you try your best to “click” with, but no matter what you do, it just doesn’t happen. The odd eerie silence fills the room as you stare into the abyss trying to find dialect.

I know someone has the scientific theory of this reasoning memorized word for word…
I like to think of it as the higher power showing you who to keep in your life, or who to keep closer.

The people that you “click” with are there for a reason, their purpose is to teach you something you didn’t know. They guide you down a path that leads you to another “click”.

Are you paying attention to their lessons?

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A Boy and A Girl

Imperfect Perfections / Love Photos / CC BY-NC-ND

Once Upon A Time…

there was a boy and a girl.

The girl was falling, falling fast.

As she looked around she saw the faces of the past. Faces of Grief, Agony, Depression. Faces of Anger, Despair, and Solemn.

Then she looked down.

She saw a boy standing below her with his arms held upward.

His face showed Love, Desire, Passion. His face showed Delight, Compassion, and Understanding.

She focused her thoughts on him, and him alone.

She released the views and memories of all the other faces shes had seen.

She fell directly into his arms. She felt warmth, Security, and Strength.

As she looked into his eyes, and his eyes met hers, every thought was released.

She knew she had found him- she had found her love.

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A Thought: Life is a Path

I believe that two people are created perfectly for each other.

Waiting for mate

Each person starts on a path called life. As they decide to turn left and turn right they are molded. Each life experience continues to mold them and allows them to become the person they need to be for their perfect mate.

Of course, while this is happening to one, it is also occurring with the other. Until they are both perfectly molded, a relationship between the two will not work and excel in the way they wish it would.

You are walking in parallel paths until something happens to push the two paths together. Once you are perfectly developed in your life experiences, then you shall find one another, and begin down the new path of your life together.

Now, to explain myself further, I don’t believe that this new path will be easy by any means. There will be fights, insecurities, and huge mountains to overcome, but you can diligently work together to continue molding yourselves into one.

I can’t say that I have met my “perfect person” yet, maybe I have… I could have met them in an elevator, or at a store, or maybe passed them on the way to run an errand. Then again, maybe I am learning about them now, evaluating whether a relationship would work between us.

I have always wished there would be a little red blinking arrow above my “perfect mates” head that allowed me to know instantly… yep, he’s mine. Alas, there is no such light. So, I will continue down my path of stepping stones, rocky climbs and tornado swept areas until I find My Mr. Perfect.

Hopefully, he is out there making all the wrong choices and then the right choices so that he can meet His Mrs. Perfect. I’m just going to wait…. even though I am purely impatient to the bone. Haha

Have you met Your Mr. or Mrs. Perfect? Did you know instantly, or did it take a while to truly understand the longevity of the relationship?

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I know I have been a bit busy with Sapphire Eyes, but now I have created a blog specifically for readers!

For updates, character interviews, giveaway information, and polls/quizzes visit here:

Sapphire Eyes Blog


Now, for the update:

I will be returning to writing my thoughts, poems, ideas, etc on my blog now.

I felt like I was being taken over by Sapphire Eyes on here. Haha. 🙂

So, my apologies to those of you who just wanted me. 🙂

It’s a beautiful day outside here in NC, and I am getting ready to head to class shortly! New semester has begun!! I’m  excited to get back to learning American Sign Language and increasing my knowledge and vocabulary! I can’t wait to see what this semester holds!

I wish you all the best, Light and Love be with you!



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Sapphire Eyes: E-Book Now available

The E-book is now available also:

Sapphire Eyes E-Book

Cover Pic

Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Sapphire Eyes Now Available

It’s finally here! This is the true book format only at this time:

Sapphire Eyes Book

Cover Pic

The kindle format will be available soon.

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