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My Mother’s Poem

My amazing mother has always gifted me with poems growing up.

My Mother :)

My Mother 🙂

She says she just can’t help herself. She will lay down and attempt to join the land of slumber, and her brain will continue to work on a poem until she writes it down.

She wrote a beautiful poem about me as an infant, which I have only memorized the first part of. I need to find the complete work.

This is the first part, which will lead you into the poem I received two days ago…

Rebekah is my baby,

I love her very much.

She is so small and pretty,

I can’t resist the urge to touch.

Now, the poem from two days ago:

Rebekah is still my baby
Though she is almost twenty-nine
She’s an international author
And really doing fine

She published Sapphire Eyes
At the beginning of this year
Golden tears is on it’s way
Of that I have no fear

Next she will work on Silver Scars
And then on Jade Tattoos
Between her work, and school, and home
She has no time to lose

She always studies hard
And works and plays hard too
If you want to buy her book
She will sign one just for you

Rita Rhoden

My mother has been there for me from the beginning: disciplining me, loving me, supporting me, and molding me into the woman I am now. I can’t thank her enough for taking time out of her day to just say I love you, let alone taking on the full time role as single-parent. In my opinion, she did an excellent job (which I may be bias about…).

Thank you Mommy! You are my rock and shining star!

Mom and Me

Mom and Me

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A Poem: Flaming Beauty

A Poem: Flaming Beauty


The light within you flickers and sways,

It is not questioned, you always amaze.

Once decided on a path and a pace,

Your light shines brightly across your face.

You hold a beauty deep inside,

One that you should never hide.

Compassion, Strength, and Honesty,

Are all wrapped up for the world to see.

You are still young and full of hope,

Be prepared, life can be a slippery slope.

Be determined to get what you want,

I will applaud you, The Debutante!

Your beauty magnifies when you use your brain,

That will be your way to fame.

I will support all that you do,

Your life is chosen only by you.

-Rebekah Honeycutt

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A Poem: Sister or Daughter?

Sister or Daughter?

I feel that she is my best friend

She will be here for me until my end.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by my motherly side.

Within me she knows, she can confide.

The feelings we share are often intense.

But, I don’t want her to take offense.

She is my sister, but also my daughter,

I never want my guidance to falter.

It’s hard to balance between the two.

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do.

I want to be her solid rock,

Like she is the key, and I, the lock.

Someone she can find when she feels all alone,

Someone she can call when she wants to come home.

When she is away,

The sadness fills my day.

When she returns,

My depression adjourns.

It’s like a part of me is missing,

And I’m stuck with reminiscing.

She magnifies my pride,

On that, I will and have never lied.

She is becoming an independent adult,

I can’t wait to see the result.

No matter the name she is called,

My love for her is already installed.

My little love,

You will always rise above.

When you need me, feel your heart beating,

I will be there forever and always give you a loving greeting.

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A Poem: The Four Senses and Silence

Visual beauties are found through the eyes,

Like the clouds dancing in the skies.

Textural wonders are found through touch,

Like getting a massage that I love so much.

Exotic aromas are found through smells,

Like an apple pie that the bakery sells.

Sweet pleasures are found through taste,

Like cupcakes that expand the waist.

Whimsical melodies are found through hearing,


What if you live in the world of silence?

You can’t hear the music’s brilliance.

How can you describe what you don’t hear,

I can tell you now, without fear.

Whimsical melodies are found through touch,

Like waves crashing down into my clutch.

Just because you cannot hear,

Doesn’t mean you let the world disappear.

The sound of silence is controlled,

By the other four senses, such a sight to behold.

-Rebekah 09/06/12

I made this in 5 minutes for a contest today. The title of the competition is: The Sound of Silence. Hope you enjoy.

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A Peom: Tick Tock

Love the ones you love,

Miss the ones you miss.

Never take in stride,

Never just dismiss.

The one that stood beside you,

When you were feeling low.

Don’t try to turn back time,

After you already let go.

Take the time to hug them,

Maybe share a chat,

One thing is true,

Time can take away all of that.

Don’t listen to the ticking,

Cherish every touch

When the time is ending,

Tell them you love them so much.

-Rebekah Honeycutt 6/28/12


A poem: Memories

Days go by,

And memories fade,

Light the candle,

It will show you the way.


The future, unknown,

The past, so bleak,

Stop for a moment, 

To listen and think.


An aroma fills the room,

Voices finally able to be heard,

Once upon a time,

This place wasn’t so absurd.


A childish laughter,

A warming hug,

This is what is needed,

Like an addictive drug.


Try as you may,

To be an independent adult,

Losing your inner child,

Is truly a major insult.


Forget about the negative,

Find the love inside,

Let the candle display,

All that you have tried to hide.


-Rebekah 06/09/12

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The Treasure, A Poem

The pain is swallowed,

While the shadows are followed.

Deep in the distance,

A path of resistance.


Repeating every question,

Struggling with depression.

Memories are blinding,

As the intimacy is binding.


Shame, anger and despair,

Parallel a happiness, so rare.

Challenging the morals,

Not yearning for the quarrels.


Life becomes defined,

By an inability to rewind.

Finding the buried treasure,

Releases every pleasure.


-Rebekah Honeycutt 

April 6, 2012

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When the waves crash down on the path less traveled,
When the flames rush to meet the wood,
There is where I shall be.

When the wind blows the old oak over,
And the ground trembles and erodes,
There is where I shall be.

Waiting. Wanting.
Patient. Proud.
Those are what I shall be,

Humble. Honored.
Standing. Stable.
Those are what I shall be.

Everything. Everyone.
That is who you are.

Anyone. Anything.
That is who you are.

Colliding in the middle,
Meeting in the heart,
You and I will be.

Dreaming during day,
Restless during night,
You and I will be.

Time will continue,
Clocks will fail,
Intertwined we are.

Dark will cover all,
Light will cease to shine,
Intertwined we are.

-Rebekah Honeycutt 01/26/12

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