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Official Liebster Award Acceptance

Acceptance of my Liebster Award!


What is the Liebster Award you ask?

“Dearest” or “Most Cherished” is the definition of the German word, Liebster. Bloggers across the continent are nominating their most cherished blogs!


How did I get Nominated?

A beautiful woman and blogger, Linda Thorlakson nominated me! When you receive your nomination, you then nominate your favorite bloggers and pass along the award! There are also a list of questions that you may answer from the person who recommended you!


My Questions and their answers:

1. Why did you initially launch your blog?

I began my blog as a tool for my book updates.

2. Is that still its primary purpose or has it evolved into something else?

Soon after I started the blog, I was writing my personal thoughts on various topics.

3. How does your blog reflect who you are (or who you wish you were)?

It is a direct reflection of me. Who I am, how I think, and what I plan to become.

4. What do you hope to offer readers through your blog?

A new way to view themselves, or others; A unique approach to life.

5. What are your five favorite blogs to read and why?

They are listed below in the My Nominations and Why section!

A Special Thanks:

Linda Thorlakson, you are a wonderful woman with a passion for life that is incomparable! I am so happy to have you in my life! I officially accept your nomination with pride and honor.

For You, Linda!

For You, Linda!

My Nominations and Why:

Before I list my nominations, please understand that you do not have to accept the nomination. I chose to officially accept, but you are not required to do so. Overall, I just want you to know that you are doing an amazing job, and someone recognizes the work you have contributed!

Jennifer McClelland.

Not only does Jenn have her own book recently published, but she also has a book review site! She is a busy woman with an amazing passion for books! I have the honor of knowing her since High School. She is an amazing person, and I am thankful to have her in my life! Here is the link to her review site, and here is the link to her book blog.

A Window of Wisdom.

A spiritual uplift always occurs when reading this blog! The words dance across my computer screen and into my life. She describes herself as a Native American Cherokee Mystic, and shares her life experiences. Here is the link.

Deaf Family Access Network.

A wonderful blog with information for Deaf and HOH persons. This site provides valuable articles in Sign Language  that are not normally available! I fully support the growth of ASL and have a passion for providing information! Here is the link.

The Story Teller.

This blog has special meaning to me because it is my Uncle’s stories. My Uncle has been an inspiration for my imagination since I was little. He taught me to use my mind to create things that weren’t there, and adjust my vision of the world. Amazing creator of worlds and events, I recommend his stories to everyone. Here is the link.

Christian Mihai.

When I began my blog I was wandering about virtually looking at other blogs. I stumbled upon Christian, and immediately loved his words. He has achieved many dreams since I found him, and I am proud of his accomplishments! He is a very passionate writer with many skills! Here is the link.

The Crown, should you choose to accept.

The Crown, should you choose to accept.

Questions for MY nominees:

  1. Why did you start your blog, and how does it make you feel?
  2. What is your goal to your readers?
  3. How does your blog tie into your daily life?
  4. What are you working on now?
  5. If you could meet one person (dead or alive) who would it be?
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Breakfast: Sausage, Potatoes, Egg, and Bacon in Foil

Breakfast: Sausage, Potatoes, Egg, and Bacon in Foil



2 Sausage Patties

1 Egg

Bacon (I used 4 slices per meal)

1/2 Cup Green Pepper (chopped)

Seasonings of choice ( I used Salt, Pepper, and Onion powder)

Potatoes (I used Ore-Ida Hashbrowns, but you can slice regular potatoes)

Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, cut at about 16 inches (I used non-stick heavy duty x2 per meal)



Place the Sausage Patties beside each other in the center of foil.

Add scoop of Potatoes onto top of meat

Line the rim of meat with two slices of bacon (Spread out potatoes)

Add Green Peppers for flavor.

Cover with Bacon. (Keeps it all together)

Meet edges of  foil and fold continuously until tight.

Fold up both sides of foil.

When ready to cook, add the egg in the center. (It doesn’t leak out)

Place in hot coals, on grill or in an oven. Check after 30 minutes. May take 45 min, depending on heat. (If in oven- 350 degrees for 30-45 min)


Breakfast in a bagadd egg

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Have you ever meet someone you just “clicked” with?

I find it fascinating when this happens.You can talk freely about anything and everything… Why is the earth round? Why can’t penguins fly?

Then there are other people you try your best to “click” with, but no matter what you do, it just doesn’t happen. The odd eerie silence fills the room as you stare into the abyss trying to find dialect.

I know someone has the scientific theory of this reasoning memorized word for word…
I like to think of it as the higher power showing you who to keep in your life, or who to keep closer.

The people that you “click” with are there for a reason, their purpose is to teach you something you didn’t know. They guide you down a path that leads you to another “click”.

Are you paying attention to their lessons?

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I know I have been a bit busy with Sapphire Eyes, but now I have created a blog specifically for readers!

For updates, character interviews, giveaway information, and polls/quizzes visit here:

Sapphire Eyes Blog


Now, for the update:

I will be returning to writing my thoughts, poems, ideas, etc on my blog now.

I felt like I was being taken over by Sapphire Eyes on here. Haha. 🙂

So, my apologies to those of you who just wanted me. 🙂

It’s a beautiful day outside here in NC, and I am getting ready to head to class shortly! New semester has begun!! I’m  excited to get back to learning American Sign Language and increasing my knowledge and vocabulary! I can’t wait to see what this semester holds!

I wish you all the best, Light and Love be with you!



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So, My ex husband, his wife, and I have decided to begin homeschooling our son soon!

Not only is Caleb excited, but so are we!

I have been researching so much the last few days, and will be continuing these endeavors for a while to come, I’m sure. I’m excited to share what I have found with any who are interested. There is a whole world of information to grasp. My research is specific to North Carolina and Secular Homeschooling mostly, although I have found many things that are not specific to either. Please feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment if you have questions, or would like information.

I wanted to thank the authors of a book that has lead me to finding great information.

The book is ” Homeschooling Your Child For Free” by: LauraMaery Gold and Joan M. Zielinski

Also, I found an amazing video thanks to Youtube and Facebook friends! I wanted to share this Christmas Song with you in ASL. The signer did an incredible job!  Here it is: ENJOY! (and Merry Christmas)


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Hello All!

I know that I have been slacking a bit on my blog, and for that I apologize. 

It’s the end of the semester in college, and finals are this week! Exciting! 🙂

An Update:

I plan to have revised Sapphire Eyes and have it up as an E-book in January! For info and excepts on Sapphire Eyes, click here!

Golden Tears is coming along quite nicely! (Just finished Chapter 18) For info on Golden Tears, Click here!

I have also been working on a poem that I want to perfect before uploading it. It is one of those poems that means so much to the writer, you can’t let it go until you’ve made a master piece.

I’m in the process of reading another fascinating book by Ally Condie: Reached. You can find her site Here! She is an amazing author and I truly enjoy her work.

I want to say that the Christmas Season is now upon us, and for all of the single parents out there: You are doing an amazing job juggling all of the roles you live everyday! I recently shared a story about Christmas that I didn’t think I would ever tell anyone. I’ve realized that sharing information is what helps others in their lives. If you would like to read about a single mom’s difficult Christmas, here is the link.

Other Random Info:

My blogger buddy, Christian Mihai, is not only a fantastic author/writer, he is  creating a wonderful website. Please stop by his page to learn more about how you can get your own information into the world, and help others achieve their goals of the same! Check him out: Here he is!

That Deaf Guy is an amazing web-comic strip created by Matt Diagle. His first book is ready for shipping at this time. I just got mine in the mail a few days ago, and I am so entertained by his art. My son and I have been giggling while we read! Please take the time to support this family by liking his FB page and taking a look at his creation: That Deaf Guy.

This topic is close to my heart also, ASL is a true language and needs to be verified as such by our US government  We have two more days to obtain signatures on the petition! Please take the time to sign it, it’s easy to create an account and takes maybe 2-3 minutes to add your signature! Here is the link!


Off to do some more school work!  Thanks for stopping by, and I will be writing more here in the future! Again, sorry for the delays in my blogging!


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NaNoWriMo 2012

Well, NaNoWriMo is in full bloom!

It’s exciting to watch the word count bars tally upwards every day! I wanted to give a shout out to the hard working artists and writers that are working diligently to stay on task. I know it’s difficult when shiny things are seen out of your peripheral view! Heehee.

Keep going forward! You can do this!! Just write to your hearts content everyday!

I hope to see your word counts fluctuate with mine!

Nano id: Kyelena2. Go ahead, add me as a buddy. I will support you through it all! 🙂

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NaNoWriMo 2012

I’m excited to announce that I am participating in the NaNoWriMo this year!

I honestly had never heard of this before, but thanks to another WordPress blogger, Christian Mihiai, I have decided to make my first attempt. (You can find him here: Thanks Christian!

For those of you who do not know, NaNoWriMo is a fun competition for yourself. You have all of the days in November to write a 50,000 word novel!  It’s roughly 1667 words produced/day. Such an amazing goal!

Upon explaining my goal to my son, he stated: “I will support you Mommy, but I’m not sure if you can do it. You have work, and school and me to take care of… but I support you.” (Love his honesty)

Also, with my son’s assistance, I have decided to write book 2 of the SSOMM series, which will be called… wait for it…. wait for it… “Golden Tears”.

So, if you are interested in writing the novel you have dreamed of, here is the website:

I would love to give you positive reinforcements during your journey! The link to me:

AND! To all of the NaNoWriMo participants visiting my page: You are amazing! You can do this!!


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Sapphire Eyes

Felt like sharing a fun excerpt:

Calvin handed me a set of keys. I noticed a familiar symbol hanging on the key ring.
It was exactly like the one I had seen earlier. Where was that at? I saw it on…Layla’s neck! Oh! Her necklace!
I reached toward my own neck to find a chain. Looking down I saw I had the same one that Layla had received from The Light. I hadn’t even noticed I had my own!
I looked up to find Calvin smirking at me with laughing eyes.

“Well, where is yours?” I asked slightly irritated.
“I don’t have one. I have a ring.” He held out his left hand, and sure enough, I saw a ring on his index finger.
It reminded me of the High School rings guys buy, large with a round stone fixed in the middle. The citrine-colored gem in the center was outlined with sapphire blue. The words light and love were engraved on either side of the golden band.
“It’s beautiful” I said as I stared at the ring.
He took his hand back and with a cocky grin replied, “I think it’s handsome.”
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