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Dating: Locations and Activities

My first thought on this was I’m not every girl, so maybe what I would like to do wouldn’t be so enticing to another female. My second thought was guys could use some ideas from a female perspective. Then, my third thought was to be fair; women sometimes decide what to do on a date also.

Next, I decided to ask some of the males that I work with for their opinions of what to do on a first date. It was a very interesting conversation, and it lasted quite a while. I realized that most gentlemen are at a loss for ideas when asked on the spot about a dating activity. I also realized that when given time and other people to bounce ideas off of, men become more creative.

Personally, my favorite dates are ones that combines these items: respect, randomness, entertainment, laughter, and information about the other person.  I don’t go for the normal “Dinner and a movie”. To me, that means this guy hasn’t put much thought into wanting to get to know me. I desire a date that is different from any other date I have been on. I don’t want to go to a ritzy restaurant and feel uncomfortable. I don’t want the guy to have to pay outrageous amounts of money to enjoy our time together. So, here are some thoughts of mine, are you ready?

1. Tourist Attractions: I know when you live in a town for a long time you forget that you have other people that come here as tourists. I’m one of the world’s worst at realizing there are so many things going on behind the scenes that I see daily. Pick up a local newspaper (or google it), look up your county’s (or town’s) website, or the counties close by and find out what’s happening. Each county/town usually has an area for local events. Find something interesting within the text. Maybe there is an art exhibit, a play, a comedian, or a festival. Most of these things just cost the gas to get there, or a small fee, and you can leave at any time to find something else to do. You could also look through the tourist racks.

 2. Fantastic Scenery: Here in the mountains we have a major tourist attraction called “The Blue Ridge Parkway”. If you haven’t been here, you definitely want to see this! Guys, pick up your lady, and take her to pick out some fresh fruits from your local grocery store. Grab a bottle of sparkling grape juice, or some other non-alcoholic refreshment (no drinking and driving please), and then head to a beautiful place you can relax and sit. If you live near a river, or creek, or beach, try out these places. (Forewarning- eat the fruit away from the beach… it doesn’t taste so great when your crunching sand.)

3. Local Park: Find a place where you can walk and talk. A park is the perfect place. There are usually a few people around, so you can see how the other person reacts to strangers. (This is important to me; it tells me if they are polite to others, timid, or outgoing.) If you have an outgoing personality with you, try out the swings, monkey bars, or go down a slide. In my opinion, this is one of those times to find that childish center of you and remind the other person they have it to.

4. Scavenger Hunt: This just sounds like fun to me. Make a list of some random objects to find while walking through your downtown area. This list should include things such as the color orange, a red button, the number 8, etc. It adds creativity to the date and allows you to further enjoy what the town has to offer. You could even add something that caters to the other person’s interests if you know them beforehand such as buildings, spas, historical landmarks.

 5. Art: Purchase a sketch book and some colored pencils or paint/paintbrushes. Walk around town and attempt to     paint some of the things you see. Ideas could include a statue, a tree, or a building. If you are a decent artist, you could always try drawing each other. (I am a horrible artist, but I had a blast failing at drawing with my date) Plus, if you two decide to continue dating, you have a wonderful memento to look back at and enjoy.

6. Meal Time: Make a homemade breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s more enjoyable for two people to make a meal together then to go out to a fancy restaurant. Have fun with it. If you have the meal already planned, then ask them to assist you with a part of creating it (such as squeezing the lemons to make lemonade or stirring an item while you chop the veggies.) This activity allows you to talk with each other, and see how the other person feels in the kitchen.

7. Travel Games: If you decide to go to the next town over to do an activity, you may want some conversation topics or games to play while you drive. You can find things like this by googling them or by stopping at a store like Wal-Mart. This will give the passenger something to do with their hands and a way to occupy their brain. This also allows you to enjoy each other’s company with a twist. There are a lot of “I Spy”-type games, and Alphabet games. One of my favorites is finding words that begin with a letter; you start at A and work your way to Z. (You can use License Plates for the toughies)

I’m sure I can come up with a lot more ideas in the future if you are interested in more. I will return now to the Dinner and a Movie cliché.

Movies: Now, I’m not putting the idea of going out to a movie down as horrible, but I am making a stance that you don’t have the opportunity to get to know each other. Also, I really don’t think of a movie theater as romantic… the floors are sticky, popcorn gets stuck in your teeth, and there are some funny smells that are in those places sometimes.

Restaurants: Going to out for dinner is also a good way to get away from the house if you have roommates, or are not okay with the other person knowing where you live. So I’m not saying don’t go out to eat, but choose wisely. Most people I talk to say an Italian place, a Steak house, or a Japanese steak house where they cook in front of you are a great start.

This is a starter list. Take what you want, leave what you don’t, and try to create your own unique night for the lady or gentleman you will be dating. Remember; don’t forget to have a plan B in case something you choose isn’t what you thought it would be.

I’d love to hear some of your thoughts/ideas. Leave them in the comments area below, Thanks!


2 responses to “Dating: Locations and Activities

  1. Scott McColley says:

    You took my daughter by ambulance for her nut allergy. I would like to read the books that she said you wrote. Could you please let me know the names of them?

    • kyelena2 says:

      Sapphire Eyes is on amazon and will have a new cover this month. Golden Tears will be published this month as well. She is a very sweet young lady. It was an honor to meet her.

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