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A Short Story: A Day in the Life.

This is a short story I wrote about my day approximately 3 years ago.

A Day in the Life…

I just sat there wondering to myself… what is it that makes me so different from everyone else? Is it my optimism, my dreaming for perfection, my childhood? I can never figure this out. Am I so different from the rest of the world to always feel like it’s raining on me? You know the expression, “when it rains, it pours”? Well, that should be the slogan of my life. I believe someone wrote that just for me. To couteract that, my motto has always been, everything happens for a reason”. So where does that leave me? H.. I guess it leaves me wondering.

“Mommy, I’m done!” Time to get the lil man out of the shower. “Coming Baby!” I walk into the bathroom and pull back the curtain. I giggle at the pitiful amount of soap still left in his beautiful sandy blonde hair. “What? Why are you laughing at me?”. “Oh Sweetie, you still have some soap in your hair, silly goober!”. “Well, then, help me get it out.” He looks up at me, hands on his hips, bottom lip slight pouched outward, with his bright blue eyes asking for help. I begin to pull him toward the flow of water coming from the showerhead. His eyes squinch, and he places his little hands over his eyes to protect them. He takes a deep breath and clinches his lips together, cheeks swollen with air. I gently wash the shampoo from his hair. I nudge him forward out of the water. He lets out all the air he’s been holding in with a deep sigh. He places his arms across his chest. “Brr Mommy! It’s cold!”. I can’t help but smile at him. He’s just so adorable and silly. I grab his spiderman towel from the toilet seat, and start drying his hair. “Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!”. “I’m not hurting you, Crazy Head, Stand still.” He tries to grab the towel away from his head. This is the every night ritual when I’m home. “Okay, okay… time to dry the rest of you.” He resumes his standstill position as I finish the drying process. I wrap the towel around him and we start toward his room.

“Wait Mommy!!” I stop dead in my tracks. “What’s wrong Sweetie?” He reaches up to me as if to wanting to be picked up. I laugh at the memory that just tipped my mind. He wants to play the silly drop me game. It still entertains him after two years. I pick him up and place him in the cradling position. We make our way toward his room. “Oh no!” I act like I’ve almost dropped him. I let my right arm fall down a bit, then bring it back into place. We do this a few times. He can’t control his laughter. We arrive next to his bed. This is the most fun as I say “Oh no!” he gets to be tossed onto his bed. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. His laughter echos through the house. I make my way to his dresser for his pajamas. “I love that Mommy!” he says in between giggles. I can’t believe that I made such an amazing little man. I never dreamed my child would be so handsome, so kind-hearted, so loving. I place his clothing on his bed and he takes one piece at a time. This is my favorite part. I sit down on the edge of his bed to watch the humor before me. He alternates between laying down and standing up trying to get his clothes on just right. He leans to the left, then the right. Reminds me of the hula dancers people place on their dash boards. He sticks out his tongue, and his eyes look deep with determination. I think the tongue helps his balance. “You need some help Baby?”. “Nah, I got this. My clothes just don’t like to listen.” I laugh again. He always comes up with the most immaginative statements. Finally done. He stands up straight. Looking like a superhero without a cape., he announces, ” Tadda!!! See, I told you I got this!” He looks as if he’s just recieved the best award ever made.

He gets into bed, and I tuck him in. “Hugs and Kisses Time!” I say very excited. He laughs, “Oh no! Mommy, eww!” I attack him, wrapping my arms around him and smothering every inch of his face in kisses. He can’t hide his smile, no matter how hard he tries. “Okay, okay. That’s Enough” he tries to sound serious. Seriousness doesn’t really work for him. I stop for a split second, then resume. I let my hands move to his tummy and begin tickling him all over. He squirms this way and that. His laughter is so beautiful. “Alright Kiddo, Time for sleep now.” “I love you Mommy, sweet dreams.” I kiss his forehead lightly as he kisses my cheek. “I love you Darling, only the sweetest dreams for you.” I get up and turn his night light on. “Good night Mommy.” I turn off his overhead light. “Good night.”

I make my way to the kitchen for a drink. Time to study. I’ve got a lot to fit in this little brain. I hope it all fits somehow. I grab the bottled vitamin water, and take it to the living room. My books are arranged just as I left them. Everywhere. I sit down slowly, not wanting to close any books accidently and lose my page. Alright. I take in a deep breath… time to get back to learning.

I awoke to a very annoying, bright light coming through my window. Wow, the sun is bright today. I look in my bedroom to find the clock. It’s says 7:32 am. That’s just pure luck. I hate when I fall asleep studying. You never know when you’ll wake up. I dash to the bathroom. Always the routine of the day, starts the same way. Wake up, look at the clock, go pee. I wash my hands and face. Brush my teeth and then my hair. I stand here, staring in the mirror at myself. I look tired. My blonde hair is crimped from the ponytail I wore yesterday. That’s annoying. My eyes look extremely bright blue. That’s a plus. Caleb begins stirring in his bed. So much for standing here any longer. “Good morning Darling. Big day ahead of us!” We both get dressed. Caleb brushes his teeth as I grab a few poptarts and a juice. We head out the door. “Oops! I forgot my keys. Go get in the car, and get strapped in, okay?”I run back into my bedroom and snatch the keys. I run back toward the car, realizing the door didn’t shut behind me. I turn back, out of aggravation, and slam the door. It’s shut now. I laugh at my own thought. I’m such a dork.

Caleb is in the car waiting patiently for his poptart. I jump in the front seat, and start the engine. It sounds a bit sick at first, then converts to a lovely humming. I place the juice in the holder and hand him his chocolate fudge poptart. I open mine, and lay it in the passenger seat. Eating and driving is something I do on a constant basis. We’re off to school. Smoking is such a bad habit, but I light up my cigarette and roll down the window. I begin singing with the children’s song in the cd player. What better way to start off Caleb’s day then with upbeat songs he likes.

The ride to his school isn’t a long one really. It’s one of those trips you’ve gone on so many times it feels like you didn’t drive to get there. I park in the spot closest to the door. Caleb is already unfastening his seat belt. I run around to his side of the car, and open his door. He grabs his bookbag as we rush inside. He goes directly to his cubby, takes his jacket off, and hangs it on his hook. He’s such a good kid. He runs back to me. His kisses and hugs are the best in the world. “Now, you be extremely good for your teachers today. You don’t have to take a nap, but you still need to be quiet during then, okay?”. He rolls his eyes at me, like he’s heard this before, “Yes Ma’am.” I laugh. “I love you, have fun.” “Love you too, Mommy.” Away he runs to his little friend Elijah’s side. They look so much alike you’d think they were twins. Both of them, just exploding with life. I make small talk with his teacher for a bit. Then I head off to the grocery store. Chores, chores. Seems like all I do anymore. Work, study, school, chores, and most importantly, take care of my little man. I only want the best for him.


2 responses to “A Short Story: A Day in the Life.

  1. Great post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m inspired! Very helpful information specially the remaining part 🙂 I deal with such information much. I was seeking this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

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